Alchemy: an original and creative drawing application

Alchemy drawing application

Most designers and artists know the need for new inspiration. Recently I stumbled upon a drawing program called Alchemy; a small open source application offering genuine alternative painting. With an original set of drawing tools and two colors – black and white – you can create shapes and drawings like never before.

Alchemy seems extremely simple but it is totally intentional. You can’t undo or select or do any fancy editing as you know it from the big image editing applications. But these original drawing tools helps you create surprising results in no time.

Each of the tools create shapes in a different way – more or less random – like splatter shapes, pressure shapes, speed shapes etc. Besides that you can enable affects like mirroring, randomness, gradient and displacement. All these helps you be creative and draw the things you didn’t know you would.

The main use of Alchemy I find is the outlining of new designs. You can easily compose and layout original designs with Alchemy and if you turn on your imagination cool motives will appear at some point in the process. The final result you can then export to you favourite painting application and start painting.

So how to get the max out of this small app? French artist David Revoy demonstrates how to come up with several ideas and alternatives for a new fantasy picture using Alchemy (and Mypaint and Gimp) in this video time-lapse.

See the full blog post on David Revoy’s website.

Alchemy is written in Java and is available on both Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

It’s free, it’s open source and you can even download the source code if you have that kind of interest.

Go to the Alchemy website.

Reviews, Software August 16th 2010

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