Frequently Asked Questions…

Could you please review my [software application/website/font/book etc.] on
You are always welcome to contact me and show me what you got. I promise I’ll have a serious look at your inquiry. If it could interest the readers of, then why not!?

Why is my [website/blog/font/poster etc.] not included in article “XYZ”?
Believe me, I haven’t excluded your work to offend you, so the explanation could be that:
– I have never come across your work so I was not aware of its existence
– there are certain limits to article lengths
– I have only this many hours a day, so I was probably sleeping or eating instead
– it’s a pure mistake – of course it should have been part of that article

Can I link to your site from mine?
Sure, go ahead. As long as you link to a page here – and not just copy content – you can link as much as you want