iStockphoto redesigned + great iPhone app

iStockphoto redesigned

iStockphoto have just relaunched with a new design and more features. We’re not talking huge changes but small enhancements which will help you find the photos and illustrations you need faster.

The search function now let’s you turn different file types on and off in the current search which is very useful. Also a list of display settings can be changed showing e.g. number of downloads and author names in the list view.

Each type of files now have their own sub frontpage which makes it easy to browse featured content.

iPhone app

Lucky owners of an iPhone can also now install the iStockphoto iPhone app. The app let’s you search for images and display the info you need; price, author, downloads, keywords, etc. You can add images you like to your lightboxes making the app really useful.

Are you a contributer on iStockphoto the app gives you a nice simple stats overview of your earnings, royalties and downloads day by day. The app even shows a graph of the downloads sorted by day or month.

All in all a really nice app for anyone using iStockphoto from time to time. Grab it in your iPhone app store – it’s free!


News, Resources, Reviews August 11th 2010

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