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Logos books

If you are a logo designer seeking inspiration the “Logos” book series is a great resource. With literally thousands of logos you can find all the inspiration you need. The Logos series now contains of four books released over the past decade; Los Logos, Dos Logos, Tres Logos and most recent Los Logos 4.

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Each book has more than 400 pages packed with logos. There is a big variety in of the logos included in the books in terms of originality, style and wow factor. It doesn’t seem as the authors want to show state-of-the-art logos only. There are many, many great and inspiring logos but also some plain and simple logos. Ergo there is something for every taste.

The design is simple and the books has a smooth, clean page layout. It’s well-arranged and distributes the logos in the sizes that suits them best. One could wish for a bit more variety in layout but on the other hand you get thousands of logos lined up.

The quality of the books is nice with coated paper and a solid cover, at least for the hard back versions. Recently the books have been republished in soft cover editions cutting one fourth of the selling price.

The books sort the logos in categories making it easy to navigate to a certain type and style. In one book categories include sports, corporate, fashion, music, political, culture, media etc. In another book logos are sorted by illustrative, iconographic, pictographic, lettering, typograms and combinations.  Two indexes are included back in the books: an address index with contact details of all logo designers featured in the book, and a work index listing both client and designer for each logo.

The books are released by the Berlin based company Gestalten. For graphic designers an interesting publisher of titles about everything from architecture, arts and style to typography, logo design and photography. Furthermore Die Gestalten offers a variety of fonts and cutting edge design services.

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