9 great color tools on the web

9 great color tools

When working with design choosing the right colors are a vital part of achieving great results. No big news. But colors are not just colors. You probably tend to love certain colors, use certain palettes and go for proven color matches. Now it’s time to get new inspiration and luckily the web is full of great tools that can take your color picking to the next level.

Here I have listed some amazing websites that focus on color. How to choose colors, find colors, match colors, create palettes and schemes. Have a colorful day!

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34 great designer portfolios from 34 different countries

34 graphic designer portfolios from 34 different countries

The internet is full of amazing portfolios created by talented people from all over the world. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at different designers from different countries to see if there are any significant differences in their designs. Different styles, different approaches? What’s your opinion?

This is a list of cool and inspiring graphic designer portfolios I’ve stumbled upon recently. The designers listed here are not necessarily the best or the most famous designer from that country – but they are all good. Some are graphic designers, some illustrators, some do posters and logos and some web and motion design.

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Adobe opens digital media museum

Adobe opens digital media museum

Adobe has build a museum. A virtual online museum of digital art called Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM). The museum is an organic experience; the building has no doors or windows, the guide is a jellyfish and the exhibit seems to float in time and space.

The museum is certainly a nice initiative. Adobe’s position in the digital media software market makes it obvious for them to honour the digital media that’s been created with their own software. If this is just a marketing stunt or an actual tribute to digital art is unsaid – it’s probably both.

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Turn bitmaps into vector files online

Turn bitmap images into vector files using Vector Magic

Ever struggled with the tedious task of tracing client logos or illustrations by hand because you needed a vector version? You don’t have to – an amazing online tool will do the work for you.

Vector Magic has been around for some time but is still the number one tool when it comes to tracing bitmap images and turn them into smooth and editable vector files. You can choose between a limited online version and a desktop version with a complete set of features.

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