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Turn bitmap images into vector files using Vector Magic

Ever struggled with the tedious task of tracing client logos or illustrations by hand because you needed a vector version? You don’t have to – an amazing online tool will do the work for you.

Vector Magic has been around for some time but is still the number one tool when it comes to tracing bitmap images and turn them into smooth and editable vector files. You can choose between a limited online version and a desktop version with a complete set of features.

It is easy just to let Vector Magic run in auto mode when detecting and tracing your bitmap/raster file. But you have the options to tweak settings such as level of detail and number of colors until you get a satisfying result.

The advantages of the desktop version includes saving in a bunch of file formats (EPS, SVG, PDF, AI, DXF, EMF, PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF and BMP), support for very large images, transparency support and batch processing.

You can upload and trace as many images as you want – but if you want to save them you’ll have to pay. You get two free conversions at signup; after that you’ll have to subscribe to use Vector Magic. The desktop version is a one-time charge and the online version is a monthly subscription fee.

It’s surprising how precise Vector Magic is. In most cases it delivers a good result even with the details. But Vector Magic is not a miracle tool. It happens that the vector file from Vector Magic needs a bit of adjustment and care from you. According to the Vector Magic site there are no real competition in terms of quality; take a look at the comparison with Adobe and Corel software.

Vector Magic is a tremendous time saver for any artist, web or graphic designer that needs to convert grainy bitmaps to clean vectorized files. But with the pricing of this tool you should definitely have this specific need on a regular basis. If it’s a one time only vectorizing, it would be cheapest just to trace it yourself – after all that can be rewarding.

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Reviews, Software August 13th 2010

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